Ralph Garcea Home Inspection, Inc.

1123 Cumberland Ave.

Syracuse, NY 13210


Ralph A. Garcea Jr., Home Inspector

First and foremost I am a NYS licensed, insured and certified home inspector. I earned my certificates in NYS building codes and Home Inspection as well as a teaching degree in Building Trades.

Throughout my college years, I honed my skills rebuilding Drumlins Country Club. This project combined with previous work afforded me with fifteen years of hands on training in remodeling and new construction.

To this day, I take tremendous pride in what I do and strive for excellence when performing a job. Interestingly enough, I performed Home Inspections on occasional call. Many years ago, it was rare to hear of an actual titled 'Home Inspector'. Typically, Home Buyers used Contractors to perform a precursory review of a property for concerns prior to purchase. However, these inspections were very primitive in their depth of focus and many times didn't even require a formal written report.

Over time, the popularity of Home Inspections increased. As a result, I decided to get my license and devote myself full-time to this challenging occupation. This is the 14th year that I have been inspecting homes.


Member of the Central NY American Society of Home Inspectors

NYS Lic # 16000009138